Best WOT bonus code. 2023 Preview: A HUGE Year Ahead for World of Tanks!

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Best WOT bonus code. 2023 Preview: A HUGE Year Ahead for World of Tanks!

Wargaming has shared their plans for World of Tanks in 2023, and from the video, it appears this may be a VERY big year for the game!

There is quite a bit to digest here, so let’s dig in:

1. Steel Hunter and Steel Hunter: Reborn

Firstly, as hinted by the second iteration of the Update 1.19.1 Common Test, Steel Hunter will be returning sometime in 2023, with some balance changes to vehicles (currently on the Common Test).

However, that’s not all — it appears there will be a new, alternative version of the mode, known as Steel Hunter: Reborn. This appears to be its own separate mode, NOT replacing the standard Steel Hunter format. This will feature bots as well as respawns, though no further details are known at this time.

2. Mirny-13: Confirmed for Halloween 2023!

Secondly, the popular Mirny-13 PvE mode has been confirmed to be returning for Halloween 2023!

3. Onslaught Season 2

The Onslaught competitive 7v7 mode will also be returning in 2023, now featuring qualification battles! It appears that, at least for the time being, this mode will be to replacing the old Ranked Battles mode.

4. Frontline

Frontline will feature a brand-new desert map in 2023:

Furthermore, Onslaught, Steel Hunter, and Frontline will take place several times in the coming year, according to the official article accompanying this video.

5. New Map: Oyster Bay

A new map will be coming sometime in the first half of 2023: Oyster Bay, the winner from the third stage of Recon Mission 2021!

WoT Express already has a preview video for the map from Supertest:

6. Balance Changes to Existing Maps

At least eight (8) existing maps will receive balance changes over the coming year:

  • Airfield
  • Studzianki
  • Mountain Pass
  • Steppes
  • Live Oaks
  • Cliff
  • Westfield
  • Mines

9. New Achievements System

A new system of Achievements for individual vehicles was previewed, although very little is known beyond what was shown in the video.

Some info has been provided by WoT Express:

  • There will be a general progression with rewards, statistics and a dynamic profile badge.
  • Depending on your combat performance over a certain time period, you will receive something like a dynamic badge which displays your progression (out of 100 stages). This indicator can be put in the team “ears” of the battle interface. Perhaps it is a level of Prestige, as in many online games.
  • In the progression, you can also get customization elements, and there will most likely be other game resources up for grabs.
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10. Crew System Overhaul

At long last, a major overhaul to the Crew system was (finally) previewed (unofficially referred to as Crew 2.5)! Notably, as shown in the video:

  • Now, all perks work at once.
  • You will be able to train each crew member for up to 3 tanks, without penalties!
  • All crew members will now be trained to 100% by default — no more 50% or 75% crews!
  • Old crew members floating around in your barracks with NO skills trained to them will (finally) undergo the conversion process announced with the old Crew 2.0 tests: any members without enough XP to train a skill/perk will instead be converted into Crew Books. (Huzzah, useless crew members clogging the barracks begone!)
  • The crew interface received a visual overhaul.

Perhaps most notably, however, is that all of the crew skills for the new system were tentatively previewed in the video, allowing an early look into how the new crew skills will look. Many have been retained from the old system, but a significant number have been improved or updated, and there are even a few brand-new skills/perks.

Note that everything shown here is subject to change before release.

10. Final Moment Camera

A new feature will be implemented sometime in 2023, allowing you to get a better look at how your vehicle was destroyed in battle: the Final Moment Camera. This will notably include:

  • A camera view of the angle from which the enemy vehicle destroyed yours;
  • The shell type and caliber, in addition to;
  • The shell’s effective penetration compared to your vehicle’s relative armor at the point at which it destroyed your tank.

Now, you’ll better be able to see how your vehicle were destroyed, so there will be less mystery (and more opportunities to learn from mistakes)!

11. Vehicle Rebalances

Another large-scale set of balance updates to vehicles will take place sometime in 2023! It is likely this will take place over several separate patches throughout the year, though this has not yet been confirmed at this time.

An exact list has not yet been unveiled; however, WoT InfoCord‘s Desyatnik_Pansy has compiled a list of the vehicles spotted during this portion of the video:

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  • X 🇨🇳WZ-132-1
  • X 🇨🇳121
  • VIII 🇨🇳110


  • VIII TVP VTU (again?)


  • X B-C 25t
  • VIII AMX 65 t (not 100% sure, but it appears to be stationed behind the VK 30.01 (P), looking at the cupolas)
  • VI ARL 44
  • VI ARL V39


  • X E 50 M
  • VI VK 30.01 (P)


  • X Rinoceronte


  • X 🇯🇵Type 5 Heavy


  • VIII 🇬🇧Centurion I


  • IX 🇺🇸M46 Patton IX 🇺🇸T95


  • IX Obj. 430 II
  • VIII IS-3
  • VIII KV-4

This is list is likely neither-final-nor-complete. Stay tuned for further news on vehicle rebalances in 2023!

12. New Vehicle Branches

Three (yes, 3!) new branches of vehicles have been confirmed for 2023! These are headlined by two (2) new branches for the  🇯🇵 Japanese tree, crowned by the two vehicles shown in the video:

  • X 🇯🇵Type 71 (new heavy tank branch)
  • X 🇯🇵Ho-Ri T.II (new tank destroyer branch)

Both of these new branches will likely resemble the lines found on the Blitz version of the game, as both of these vehicles can be found there in some form — however, they will not likely be the same – already, we can see that the tier 10 for the tank destroyer branch is already different to Blitz’s – and no further details regarding either branch have been confirmed officially at this time.

These will likely appear sometime in the Summer of 2023.

Furthermore, a new vehicle mechanic was teased: high-tier autocannons, which will overheat if fired continuously for too long!

These appear to take the form of a  🇨🇿 Czech branch, which will likely arrive towards the end of 2023/beginning of 2024.

13. Recon Mission 2023

Recon Mission will be making a comeback in 2023, testing out several important new features for maps:

  • Night maps
  • Dynamic water
  • Dynamic objects (fully functional)
  • All of these may potentially affect the gameplay, but the exact implementation is currently unknown.

14. Assembly Shop Teaser

From the teaser shown at the very end of the video, it appears a second Assembly Shop will arrive sometime in 2023 as well, featuring another numbered 3D style. The vehicle in question seems to be the XLion, as the cupola/MG shown in the teaser match the ones used on this vehicle:

Stay Tuned for Further Details in February!

Stay tuned: starting from February 2023, detailed content will be launched regarding upcoming features and game events. There really are a lot of plans, so stay tuned to find out all the details and share your feedback!

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But for now, we hope you’re enjoying the cool rewards and festive atmosphere of Holiday Ops 2023. Together with our incredible celebrities, we plan to continue bringing you many more wonderful surprises and memorable moments!
The holidays always come to an end sooner or later, but World of Tanks stays with you all year round! Good luck in Holiday Ops, Commanders!

And on that note, all of us at The Daily Bounce would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays🎄! Thank you for your continued readership and support, and may this New Year be full of great accomplishments. See you in 2023!

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