Best WOT bonus code. Halloween 2022 Preview: Pumpkin Bash PvP Mode Early Details

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Best WOT bonus code. Halloween 2022 Preview: Pumpkin Bash PvP Mode Early Details

An early teaser for this year’s Halloween mode has been published:

This year’s Halloween event takes a bit of a departure from those of years past, this time in the form of a 15v15 PvP mode.

Tier VI–VIII vehicles will be able to participate across four familiar maps, which have all received a visual overhaul in the spirit of Halloween (specifically within the mode). According to the preview article, you can expect “mysterious fog, a full moon, and other changes to put you in the spooky spirit”.

The event will also feature unique rules/mechanics! To quote from the article, these will include:

  • Unusual victory conditions (you’ll love these)
  • Superpowers up for grabs on the battlefield
  • Special abilities activated before battle
  • Unlimited respawns
  • Free ammo and repairs

bonds, five (5) unique 2D styles, and a “five-strong crew of charismatic characters”, with a crew member of each role. Notably, this crew will have two unique voiceover sets: one for the commander (Cordelia Astra) by herself, and one for when all five (5) members are assigned to the same vehicle. WoT Express has uploaded a preview for both sets:

The commander Cordelia Astra’s voiceover can be heard starting from 17:20 in the video, while the full 5-member crew voiceover can be heard starting from 25:52.

Likewise, WoT Express has also published previews of all five (5) 2D styles, which correspond to each of the crew members:

Cordelia Astra

Sybill Brennheart Aurelia von Alden Deirdre Grimmhildt  Caudamius

The “Pumpkin Bash” Halloween event will run from Tuesday, 20 October until Thursday, 3 November 2022.

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Remember to always follow the rules and regulations of the game and to play responsibly. Enjoy your time playing World of Tanks!

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