Best WOT bonus code. [NOW LIVE] Holiday Ops 2023 Details: Festive Atmosphere, New Year’s Gifts, Milla’s Challenge, and more!

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Best WOT bonus code. [NOW LIVE] Holiday Ops 2023 Details: Festive Atmosphere, New Year’s Gifts, Milla’s Challenge, and more!

It’s time to unwrap the details of what’s in store for this year’s Holiday Ops 2023!

For details regarding this year’s Large Boxes, see this article.

New Year’s Gift VehicleFor starters, this year’s gift tank has been confirmed: simply log into the game anytime during this year’s Holiday Ops event (running for all of December/through 8 Jan 2023) to receive the III M16/43 Sahariano in your garage for free!Festive Garage: Your Personal Holiday Ops Village

With the start of Holiday Ops 2023 on 1 December 2022, your Garage will turn into a snowy Village full of festive magic and fairy lights. It will certainly look charming, but you can improve it even further!

You will also find your Headquarters here, which is where you can receive special combat missions and Assignments from Arnie and Milla. There will also be three magnificent decorative objects in your Village—the Christmas Tree, Fair, and Installation—that you can adorn with amazing Decorations!

When you first log in to the game client during the event, the first change for this year will present itself: you’ll be able to choose a name for your festive Village from the suggested combinations of words. Once confirmed, your Village will keep this name until the end of the event.

New Feature: Visiting Friends’ Villages + Collect Resources

Why the names, you may ask? Well, this time around, you will be able to visit other players’ Villages! Not only will you be able to see how they’ve decorated their garage, but you will also be able to set two players from your friends list as “Best Friends”, which will allow you to collect extra event resources once a day! (Doing so does not take away any resources from them—you just get additional resources for free!)Furthermore, by collecting resources from your Best Friends, you will have the opportunity to receive special friendship-themed customizations:

What are Holiday Ops Resources?

There will be four (4) types of the aforementioned event resources available during the event: Rock Crystal, Pure Emerald, Warm Amber, and Meteoric Iron. The former two resources (Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald) are used to improve the Festive Atmosphere, while the latter two (Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron) are needed to complete the Guests’ Assignments.

Gathering Holiday Ops Resources

You can get resources in different ways, the first of which is to collect them manually right from your Village. This can be done up to two (2) times per-day: after collecting resources for the first time in your Village, a 55-minute cooldown occurs. After the second collection, the cooldown lasts until the start of the next game day.

Alternatively, you can enable the option to automatically collect resources from your Village, even when you aren’t logged in — however, each time resources are collected in this way, you will be charged 150,000 credits. Automatic collection occurs at the end of each cooldown.

You can get resources in the following ways:

  1. Collect them manually right from your village (as mentioned above).

  2. As rewards for completing standard Daily Missions:

    • Tier I (easy): 350 random resources
    • Tier II (med.): 250 random resources
    • Tier III (hard): 300 random resources
    • Bonus Mission (after all three Daily Missions are completed): 350 random resources
    • Epic rewards (granted once for every 45 Daily Missions completed) do NOT grant any resources.
  3. Collecting them from your Best Friends’ Villages once per-day (as mentioned above).

  4. When petting Chaffee the dog, who will appear in your Village when you reach Festive Atmosphere Level II.

  5. As a bonus from Large Boxes.

Additionally, if you find yourself with too much of any resource type but not enough of another, you can convert them at a rate of 50-to-40. (For example, 50 Rock Crystal would convert to 40 Warm Amber, etc.) Festive Atmosphere Levels

Similarly to last year, decorations will not inherently come with a particular level assigned to them — however, rather than your overall Festive Atmosphere level being based on how many ornaments you have on display, this year you will instead have to upgrade each category of Decorative Objects using Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald.

For each category of Decorative Object (of which there are three — Christmas Tree, Fair, and Installation), you will receive the following number of points towards your overall Festive Atmosphere level:

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By improving your Festive Atmosphere and reaching each new level, you will earn in-game rewards, such as Personal Reserves, national and universal blueprint fragments, new female crew members, a brand-new festive 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence*, and much more. Each level, along with its corresponding rewards, will be awarded once you reach the following points totals:

Festive Atmosphere Level I: 0 Points (upon first login)

1x Terminal Token (more details below)

Tier III Premium Italian M16/43 Sahariano medium tank100% trained crew for the M16/43 Sahariano medium tank

1x Garage slot

Festive Atmosphere Level II: 10 Points

Chaffee the Dog (more details below)

×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h

×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h

Festive Atmosphere Level III: 20 Points

Training Guide (France)

×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h×20 National fragments (France)

×10 Universal fragments

Festive Atmosphere Level IV: 30 Points

Female crew member Wendy Han

Training Guide (Japan)×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h×20 National fragments (Japan)

×10 Universal fragments

Festive Atmosphere Level V: 40 Points

1x Terminal Token (more details below) Training Guide (U.S.S.R.) ×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h ×5 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h ×20 National fragments (U.S.S.R.)×10 Universal fragments

Festive Atmosphere Level VI: 60 Points

Female crew member Darya Snezhina

Training Guide (Germany)×7 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h×7 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h×20 National fragments (Germany)×15 Universal fragments

Festive Atmosphere Level VII: 80 Points

1x Terminal Token (more details below)

Training Guide (China)×7 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h×7 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h×20 National fragments (China)×15 Universal fragments

Festive Atmosphere Level VIII: 100 Points

Female crew member Marie “Germia” Einfrieren

Training Guide (Italy)Training Guide (Czechoslovakia)×7 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h×7 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h×20 National fragments (Italy)×20 National fragments (Czechoslovakia)

×15 Universal fragments

Festive Atmosphere Level IX: 120 Points

1x Terminal Token (more details below)

Training Guide (Sweden)Training Guide (Poland)×10 Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 h×10 Personal Reserves: +50% to Combat XP for 1 h×20 National fragments (Sweden)×20 National fragments (Poland)×20 Universal fragments

Festive Atmosphere Level X: 150 Points

Female crew member Florencia “Hitomi” Snowfall

“Box of Decorations” 2D style Ops Shop access (more details below)Personal Training Manual“Winter Is Coming” badge“It’s Snow Time!” medalTraining Guide (U.S.A.)Training Guide (U.K.)×20 National fragments (U.S.A.)×20 National fragments (U.K.)

×20 Universal fragments

Spending Your Resources

As for how you spend your resources, the primary initial objectives are simply to:

  • Upgrade your Decorative Objects (using Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald), and
  • Complete the Assignments from Arnie and Milla (using Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron).

However, these are not the only things these resources are useful for! Upon completing the above objectives, they can be used to:

  • Purchase customization rewards from previous years’ Collections (from 2018 through 2022) and Holiday Post 2022 feature rewards
  • Purchase Terminal Tokens (which can be used in the Gift Terminal)

The Gifting Terminal + Using Terminal Tokens

Two questions probably arise from the above, namely: “who is Chaffee the Dog?”, and “what are Terminal Tokens?”. To answer the second, Terminal Tokens can be spent at the Gift Terminal in your garage to unlock special Holiday gifts! Terminal Tokens can be received in the following ways

  • For improving your Festive Atmosphere levels (up to 4 tokens)
  • As rewards for completing Missions From Milla (up to 28 tokens)
  • In exchange for Holiday Ops resources (as many as you have resources for)

The following gifts have the potential to drop from the Gift Terminal:

Regular gifts with drop rate 89%:

  • Free XP
  • Demounting Kit
  • Credits
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to credits for 1 hour
  • Garage slot
  • Standard Personal Reserve: +50% to XP for 1 hour
  • Large Repair Kit
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Large Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Random directive for crew
  • Random directive for equipment
  • Training Booklet (random nation)
  • Training Guide (random nation)
  • Random piece of Class 1 equipment
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And perhaps most notably, rare gifts with drop rate 11%:

  • • NEW! Tank IX Object 283 for rent
  • NEW! Tank IX Object 283 for permanent ownership

Yes, that’s right — if you’re lucky enough, it may be possible to receive a brand-new Tier IX vehicle entirely for free! Do note that it is unclear exactly what the drop rate is between the rental and permanent version of the vehicle — however, receiving the vehicle for permanent ownership is likely much more rare.

Chaffee the Dog – Pet for Gifts!

And now, to answer the first question of who Chaffee is: as mentioned before, upon reaching Festive Atmosphere Level II, this canine companion will arrive in your garage. 🐶

Give him some well-deserved pets once per-day, and he will gift you with some additional random Holiday Ops resources!

Furthermore — once you have Chaffee in your Village, you can spend some gold and treat your new pet with various goodies, such as a new collar and even a kennel—very important things for any dog! Do note that after the end of the event, once the festive Holiday Ops Garage is disabled, your friend Chaffee will bid you farewell and leave with all his items, which will not be compensated.

Celebrity Guests: Arnold and MillaOf course, we can’t forget about our celebrity guests: as mentioned with the initial announcement trailer for Holiday Ops 2023, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back from last year’s event, along with Milla Jovovich, the newest guest star to appear in World of Tanks! Both celebrity guests bring their own sets of Assignments to complete, which are special quests that can be completed by spending a certain amount of Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron

  • Each of the celebs has their own line of unique Assignments, as well as with their own progression and rewards.
  • There are 10 quests from each host, making 20 in total.
  • To complete an Assignment, you need to bring a specific item to the guest star.
  • Both Arnie’s and Milla’s set of Assignments must be completed (along with reaching Festive Atmosphere Level X) in order to access the Gift Terminal.

Furthermore, each completed Assignment from Arnie or Milla simultaneously increases all economic bonuses in the game. When you finish an Assignment, you’ll slightly increase the bonus to credits and bonuses to all types of XP—Free, Combat, and Crew—in Random Battles (including Grand Battles). Upon completing 5 Assignment objectives, you will receive a set of decals corresponding to each celeb, and once you complete all 10 from one of them, you will receive their respective 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence (shown below).

Milla’s 2D Style (“Your Driver is Here”):

Arnie’s new 2D Style (“Arniemania”):

Llikewise, up to a +50% bonus to credit income, along with your choice of +50% to Combat XP, +100% to Crew XP, or +200% to Free XP can be achieved once all 20 Assignments (between the two guest stars) have been completed.

The bonus to credits applies to all vehicles in the game, including Premium and rental ones, until the end of Holiday Ops on January 9, 2023. Likewise, bonuses to XP will also apply until the end of the event, but only one bonus of your choice can be active. By default, the bonus to Combat XP will be selected. You can change the type of active bonus to XP at any time in your Village. Active bonuses to XP apply to all vehicles in the game except Premium and rental ones.

Holiday Ops Challenge: 2023

However, that’s not all as far as gifts are concerned — you may have noticed there was a set of Combat Missions (separate from Daily Missions) mentioned earlier in regards to earning Terminal Tokens. This will take the form of this year’s Holiday Ops Challenge from Milla! The Challenge includes 28 Combat Missions From Milla to complete in Random and Grand Battles in Tier IV vehicles and higher.

  • Every day, one new mission will be available for you.
  • All missions are cumulative and can be performed at the same time.
  • If you skip several missions, you can complete them all in one go.
  • Upon completing a certain number of missions, you will receive rewards, including a unique medal, inscriptions, decals, a new 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence, Milla Jovovich herself as a recruitable commander with unique voiceover, and more!
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Don’t like a particular mission condition? No problem! Every day until the end of Holiday Ops (including the first day of the event), you’ll receive one Condition Replacement. It allows you to change the condition of any current or missed mission.

Unused Condition Replacements are cumulative, and can be saved up to use multiples of at a time. You can change the condition of any mission (including additional Missions From Arnie, described below) as many times as you have Replacements. Or you might want to change the conditions of each mission only once—it’s entirely up to you! However, the number of Condition Replacements you will obtain during the event is limited, so use them wisely!

Plus, completing Missions From Milla will grant you selectable credit discounts on researchable vehicles, returning a fan-favorite feature from previous years!

  • You’ll unlock these discounts gradually as you complete missions.
  • The first discount on purchasing a Tier II vehicle will become available after completing two missions.
  • As you progress, the tier of vehicles discounted will also increase.
  • To
  • earn a discount on purchasing a researchable Tier X vehicle, you need to complete all 28 missions.

Milla’s Challenge: “Perfect!” 2D Style:

Additional Challenge Missions from Arnie

Didn’t manage to complete last year’s Missions From Arnie during Holiday Ops 2022? Well, this year, you’ll have another chance to collect them! After you complete all 28 Missions From Milla, you will have the opportunity to unlock additional Missions From Arnie. You can unlock up to four missions in total, and completing each one will earn you one of the cool Arnie-themed rewards below:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as a tank commander
  • 3 unique sets of inscriptions (6 of each)
  • “Poster of a Legend” decals
  • “Living Legend” 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence

(No, his crew portrait isn’t supposed to be cut off like that. My computer is just being weird, and not loading the full picture for the screenshot…)

The Holidays are Here!

As announced previously, Holiday Ops 2023 will run from Thursday, 1 December 2022 until the end of the day on Sunday, 8 January 2023. As a sidenote, the Arcade Cabinet will return sometime in December as part of the festivities — though, it has not yet been confirmed exactly when this will be. Stay tuned for the festive bash, Commanders!

To open a World of Tanks account and get maximum bonuses, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the World of Tanks website and click on the "Play for Free" button.
  2. Create an account by filling in your email address and choosing a password. You can also sign up using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.
  3. Download and install the game client on your computer. The installation process is straightforward, and the game client will guide you through it.
  4. Once you have installed the game client, log in to your account and start playing the game. You will receive a welcome bonus, which usually includes in-game currency and premium vehicles.
  5. Complete the tutorial missions and play several battles to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and controls.
  6. Participate in various events and missions to earn additional rewards and bonuses. Check the "Events" tab in the game client or the official website for the latest updates on ongoing events and missions.
  7. Consider purchasing a premium account or premium vehicles to gain more bonuses, such as increased experience and credits earned per battle.

Remember to always follow the rules and regulations of the game and to play responsibly. Enjoy your time playing World of Tanks!

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