Best WOT bonus code. Supertest: Changes to TITT Rozanov (23 Mar)

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Best WOT bonus code. Supertest: Changes to TITT Rozanov (23 Mar)

In addition to the Projekt Kpz 07P(E), one more vehicle received some changes to its characteristics on Supertest today:



  • Role in battle: from Universal Medium Tank to Assault Medium Tank
  • Tank repair cost: from 6,840 to7,980
  • Hull weight: from 24,500 to17,665 kg
  • Turret weight: from 11,515 to9,600 kg
  • Gun weight: from 1,550 to1,600 kg


  • Dispersion from movement (max): from 0.20 (10.00) to0.18 (7.56)
  • Dispersion from hull rotation (max): from 0.20 (9.39) to0.18 (5.63)
  • Dispersion from turret rotation (max.): from 0.15 (5.63) to0.12 (4.51)
  • Reload time: from 4.31 to4.60 s
    • Rate of fire: from 13.91 to13.04
  • Accuracy at 100 m: from 0.36 to0.33
  • Armor penetration of AP shell: from 220 to212 mm
  • Armor penetration of AP shell at 500m: from 208 to200 mm
  • Armor penetration of APCR shell: from 235 to242 mm
  • Armor penetration of APCR shell at 500m: from 200 to227 mm
  • Armor penetration of HE shell: from 40 to50 mm
  • Average damage with AP/APCR shells: from 280 to200
    • Average damage per minute with AP/APCR shells: from 3,894 to2,608
    • Average damage per minute of 3 (HE) projectiles: from 3,894 to3,650
  • Cost of AP shell: from 252 to255
  • Cost of HE shell: from 252 to255
  • Ammunition capacity: from 56 to60


  • Hitpoints: from 1,200 to1,400
  • Suspension capacity: from 51,000 to45,000 kg
  • Front hull armor: from 115 to120 mm


  • Chassis rotation speed: from 46.93 to31.29 deg/s
  • Engine power: from 520 to600 hp
  • Specific power: from 10.68 to15.00 hp/t
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As a bonus, some in-game previews have arrived from WoT Express since last:

It is still unclear what exactly this vehicle is for, but at least now it looks a bit more down-to-earth compared to the vehicle’s initial placeholder stats. Or at least, its technical characteristics do… the vehicle is still rather unusual visually-speaking. Stay tuned for more info regarding this, as well as other vehicles from Supertest!

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