Best WOT bonus code. Supertest Leaks: Chi-To SP, Type 95 Ji-Ro (Japanese TD Branch) + 56TP

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Best WOT bonus code. Supertest Leaks: Chi-To SP, Type 95 Ji-Ro (Japanese TD Branch) + 56TP

Another trio of vehicles arrived on Supertest today, including two further vehicles from the upcoming branch of Japanese tank destroyers:

Chi-To SP (Tier VII)

  • The frontal hull armor thickness reaches 250 mm.
  • The gun traverse angles are limited by 10 degrees, both left and right. 
  • The vehicle’s durability is 1,000 HP. 
  • Its top speed is 40 km/h, and it has a specific power of 14.9 h.p./t.
  • The damage per shot is 320 HP
  • The standard shell has 205 mm of penetration, while the special shell penetrates 244 mm
  • The accuracy is 0.34 m and the focusing time is 2 s.
  • The reload time is 8.2 s.

The general vehicle design presupposes the support of the allied heavy tanks.

Type 95 Ji-Ro (Tier VI)

  • This vehicle is armed with a 105 mm cannon with an accuracy of 0.35 m and an aiming time of 2 s.
  • Its reload time is 9 s.
  • The standard shell penetrates 175 mm of armor, while the special shell penetrates up to 220 mm.
  • The damage per shot is 300 HP.
  • The gun traverse limits are 12 degrees, both left and right.
  • The thickness of the hull armor plates reaches 50 mm.
  • The vehicle’s durability is 650 HP.
  • Its top speed is 40 km/h, and it has a specific power of 9.1 h.p./t.

You should not rely on the vehicles armor in close combat. This is why the best tactic is to shoot from a distance and support your allies. 

Notably, those familiar with WoT Blitz will know that this is an additional vehicle compared to Blitz’s line (similar to how the American Yoh tank branch starts from the Pawlack Tank on PC). It is not yet known whether there will be any additional vehicles (i.e. Ho-Ni/Na-To) in the branch, nor is it known exactly which vehicle the line starts from.

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This particular vehicle also represents an interesting historical project — one of two planned SPG variants for the Type 95 Heavy (which is also represented in the game at tier 4), with an enclosed casemate positioned at the rear of the vehicle. Type 95 enthusiasts rejoice!

Left: Ji-Ro Sha (now represented in-game), Right: Hi-Ro Sha (open-topped version, with one known prototype). Image credit: Tanks Encyclopedia

One additional vehicle was shown, separate from the upcoming branch:


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