Best WOT bonus code. Trading Caravan: List of Vehicles Available in Deals

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Best WOT bonus code. Trading Caravan: List of Vehicles Available in Deals

World of Tanks bonus code giveaway

The Trading Caravan just started rolling down all the servers and we got a list of vehicles that been showing up to players in all regions! There are confirmed reports of a deal for 1 Credit: ASTRON Rex! The deal is also extremely limited in numbers, so might expire very quickly!

The following list will be kept up-to-date with what we find and get sent to us, so keep an eye out for any updates! I will add Styles and other deals that come out too as I get the information.

Vehicles for Credits and Rentals

 T-34-3 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 M 41 90 GF 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 Strv 81 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 T-103 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 Senlac 1,500,000 Credits Rental
 Bourrasque 2,000,000 Credits Rental
 Progetto 46 2,000,000 Credits Rental
 TOG II 3,500,000 Credits
 Cromwell B 5,000,000 Credits
 IS-2 5,000,000 Credits
 ISU-122S 5,000,000 Credits
 Rudy Pl 5,500,000 Credits
 VK 168.01 P 7,500,000 Credits
 T25 Pilot 1 8,500,000 Credits
 Kirovets-1 15,000,000 Credits

Vehicles for Gold

 SU-130PM 10,100 Gold
 GSOR 1008 9,300 Gold
 Renegade 9,300 Gold
 Bisonte C45 10,500 Gold
 T77 10,100 Gold
 703 II (122) 9,540 Gold
 ISU-152K 9,000 Gold
 CS-52 LIS 6,300 Gold
 IS-3A 11,200 Gold
 E 75 TS 8,730 Gold
 Turtle I 8,100 Gold
 Type 62 4,140 Gold
 AMX 13 57 4,320 Gold
 M41D 5,490 Gold
 Type 59 6,300 Gold
 JgTig.8,8 cm 8,370 Gold
 TS-5 9,100 Gold
 VK 75.01 K 7,500 Gold
 LT-432 5,490 Gold
 Somua SM 9,180 Gold
 Skorpion 9,090 Gold
 M6A2E1 6,300 Gold

Vehicles for Bonds

 Foch 155 20,000 Bonds
 T-22 med. 25,000 Bonds

To open a World of Tanks account and get maximum bonuses, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the World of Tanks website and click on the "Play for Free" button.
  2. Create an account by filling in your email address and choosing a password. You can also sign up using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.
  3. Download and install the game client on your computer. The installation process is straightforward, and the game client will guide you through it.
  4. Once you have installed the game client, log in to your account and start playing the game. You will receive a welcome bonus, which usually includes in-game currency and premium vehicles.
  5. Complete the tutorial missions and play several battles to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and controls.
  6. Participate in various events and missions to earn additional rewards and bonuses. Check the "Events" tab in the game client or the official website for the latest updates on ongoing events and missions.
  7. Consider purchasing a premium account or premium vehicles to gain more bonuses, such as increased experience and credits earned per battle.
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Remember to always follow the rules and regulations of the game and to play responsibly. Enjoy your time playing World of Tanks!

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