Best WOT bonus code. [UPDATED] Onslaught Season 2: Crimson Griffin Confirmed for 1.20.1!

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Best WOT bonus code. [UPDATED] Onslaught Season 2: Crimson Griffin Confirmed for 1.20.1!

UPDATE (24 April 2023):

The new start date of Onslaught: Season of the Crimson Griffin is May 3. It will run until June 11.

Additionally, based on the Common Test results and player feedback, it has been determined that the combat modifiers mentioned in this article will create a positive impact on combat dynamics and the effectiveness of role skills, and achieve the goal of enabling players to experiment with more vehicle choices and unconventional tactics.

Therefore, these changes will be included in the upcoming Season of the Crimson Griffin. Wargaming will continue to monitor and make the necessary adjustments as the season progresses.

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Onslaught has been confirmed to return in Update 1.20.1. Check out what’s in store from the Season of the Crimson Griffin!

Firstly (and perhaps most importantly), we now know when this season will run: from 19 April until 28 May 2023! EDIT: As of 14 April 2023, the launch of the mode has been delayed. No new dates have been published at this time, but more info should arrive soon.

Several notable changes have been made for this season, along with a couple of interesting combat modifiers which will be tested in the upcoming Common Test for Update 1.20.1.

Changes to Vehicle Role Skills

For starters, a number of vehicle Role Skills have been rebalanced, and all role skills are now easier to charge. Furthermore:

  • Skill cooldown time has been greatly reduced
  • Some skills are now available from the start of each battle
  • Some skills have changed the principle of work, for example, Inspire now affects all allied vehicles on the battlefield

Changes to specific roles are as follows:

Vehicle Class Role Skill Changes
Assault Medium Tanks Fury In addition to existing bonuses, Fury now provides your vehicle with a gun stabilization bonus.
Versatile Medium Tanks Inspire Inspire now applies to you and all allied vehicles on the map.
Breakthrough Heavy Tanks One for All When activated, One for All now increases the major qualification level of the player’s crew, depending on the number of allied vehicles of other roles in battle.

The major qualification level increases for each unique role of the allied vehicles in battle. (For example, if there are two assault heavy tanks in battle, you receive only one bonus.)

Support Heavy Tanks Focus on the Target At the start of the battle, Focus on the Target will now be at charge level one.
Sniper Tank Destroyers Bullseye If your vehicle is not spotted during the duration of Bullseye and at the moment of firing, the base value of the average damage now increases by N%.
Support Tank Destroyers Second Wind At the start of the battle, Second Wind will now be at charge level one.
Versatile Light Tanks Recon Flight At the start of the battle, Recon Flight will now be at charge level one.
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Combat Modifiers

Since these changes will likely increase the pace of battle, two combat modifiers will be implemented on the Common Test:

  • The HP pools of all vehicles eligible for Onslaught will be increased by 25%
  • Consumables cooldown time will be reduced from 90 seconds to 45 seconds

Depending on how these modifiers are received during the Common Test phase, they may-or-may-not be implemented in the final version:

During the Common Test, Onslaught will feature two combat modifiers. They increase vehicles’ HP pools and reduce the cooldown time of consumables. We will collect data and consider your feedback before deciding whether to make these mechanics permanent. If they are well received, they will be included in the upcoming Onslaught Season. However, if you don’t find these modifiers useful, we will not introduce them.

This test is important, and your help is crucial, so please join this experiment and share your opinions!

Mode Progression

Primary Progression (Overall)

The primary progression system has remained unchanged, featuring similar rewards to last time (albeit, with new versions of each element which are unique to this season):

Debutant (Rank I)

Iron (Rank II)

Bronze (Rank III)

Silver (Rank IV)

Gold (Rank V)

Champion (Rank VI)

Legend (Rank VII)

Secondary Progression (Weekly)

The second reward progression has changed, however: unlike before, it will no longer be based on the number of wins in the mode; rather, five simple consecutive missions will be available to complete each week. At the end of each week, progress will reset and you will be able to complete the missions over again for more rewards. These are as follows:

Mission 1

Condition: Be among the top 5 by Prestige Points earned

Restrictions: Only in the Onslaught mode.

Reward: One day of WoT Premium Account

Mission 2

Condition: Earn 150 Prestige Points over any number of battles

Restrictions: Only in the Onslaught mode. Does not unlock until Mission 1 is completed.

Reward: 100,000 credits + 50 bonds

Mission 3

Condition: Cause 3,000 HP of damage over any number of battles

Restrictions: Only in the Onslaught mode. Does not unlock until Mission 2 is completed.

Reward: 125,000 credits + 50 bonds

Mission 4

Condition: Destroy 3 enemy vehicles over any number of battles

Restrictions: Only in the Onslaught mode. Does not unlock until Mission 3 is completed.

Reward: 125,000 credits + 75 bonds

Mission 5

Condition: Win 2 battles

Restrictions: Only in the Onslaught mode. Does not unlock until Mission 4 is completed.

Reward: 150,000 credits + 75 bonds

Furthermore, after completing a set of five missions, you will receive one Lucky Chip. Earn Lucky Chips throughout the Season to grab the most valuable prizes of the second reward line:

  • An additional copy of the new progressive 2D style (same as the first reward line)
  • A universal Training Guide
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • And more!
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Your rewards for earned Lucky Chips will be credited automatically. Once you have a certain number of Lucky Chips, you will instantly receive the corresponding rewards.

New Elements

New progressive decals and unique inscriptions will be available to earn from personal and platoon achievements in the mode:

As mentioned above, all of the following elements will be available to earn from this season:

  • Unique Dog Tag elements, such as Engravings and Backgrounds
  • Griffin mastery (profile) badges for reaching the two elite ranks of Champion and Legend
  • A striking “The Last of the Griffins” nickname stripe for players who achieve the Legend rank (separate from profile badges)
  • A new progressive 2D style:
    After you play your first battle in the mode, you will immediately receive Level I of this style. As you reach new ranks or significant achievements in a specific battle or series of battles, your style will gain new 2D elements. The maximum Level VII style with the most imposing camo is awarded when you make it to the Legend rank.

Wing and Claw (Crimson): Debutant

NOTE: Starting this Season, this style will be available for any vehicle in your garage!

Map Rebalancing and Two New Battlefields

During the Update 1.20.1 Common Tests, the positioning of Points of Interest on Onslaught’s maps will be adjusted to determine their optimal location. Two new locales have also been added to the set of maps available for the Onslaught mode: Glacier and Airfield. Join the Common Tests and make your contribution. Your input is very important!

The locations of Points of Interest on all maps may change and will be finalized after the Update 1.20.1 Common Tests. 

Super Platoons Limits

The limits on the difference between the highest and lowest Rating Points value when creating Super Platoons has been removed for this season, meaning players can now play in Super Platoons without restrictions!

Furthermore, the matchmaker will be adjusted so that Super Platoons get matched against opposing Super Platoons in battle.

Minimap Pings and Voice Chat

Something crucial for Super Platoons: the limits on the number of pings on the minimap have been disabled for players in Super Platoons to make coordination of their actions in battle easier. Solo Commanders will also receive an increased number of pings on the minimap (albeit, not unlimited).

Meanwhile, a slight improvement has been made to the voice chat: If you were in voice chat as a solo player at the end of a battle, you will remain in voice chat in the next battle.

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Rental Vehicles and Battle Pass Points

Three rental vehicles will be awarded upon reaching the Debutant rank, for use in the Onslaught mode ONLY: 🇨🇳WZ-111 model 5A, E 50 Ausf. M, and 🇺🇸T110E4. They will remain on your account until the end of the Season and will be removed when it’s over. (It will be impossible to enter Random Battles or other modes using these tanks.)

Crucially, you will also be able to earn Battle Pass Points when playing Onslaught!

Future Change: Qualification Battles (Fall 2023)

In the meantime, it has been stated that statistics will be collected, and work continues on the next Season with qualification battles, which will kick off in the fall of 2023.

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Get ready for Season of the Crimson Griffon, starting 19 April 2023! (Note that this will likely be the release date for Update 1.20.1, meaning we can likely expect the Common Test for this update to launch tomorrow. Stay tuned!) EDIT: As mentioned in the update at the top of the article, the start of the Onslaught mode has now been postponed (likely along with the patch itself). Stay tuned for further info.

To open a World of Tanks account and get maximum bonuses, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the World of Tanks website and click on the "Play for Free" button.
  2. Create an account by filling in your email address and choosing a password. You can also sign up using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.
  3. Download and install the game client on your computer. The installation process is straightforward, and the game client will guide you through it.
  4. Once you have installed the game client, log in to your account and start playing the game. You will receive a welcome bonus, which usually includes in-game currency and premium vehicles.
  5. Complete the tutorial missions and play several battles to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and controls.
  6. Participate in various events and missions to earn additional rewards and bonuses. Check the "Events" tab in the game client or the official website for the latest updates on ongoing events and missions.
  7. Consider purchasing a premium account or premium vehicles to gain more bonuses, such as increased experience and credits earned per battle.

Remember to always follow the rules and regulations of the game and to play responsibly. Enjoy your time playing World of Tanks!

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