Best WOT bonus code. World of Tanks: Black Market Is Here!

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Best WOT bonus code. World of Tanks: Black Market Is Here!

One of the most anticipated events in World of Tanks is finally here: Black Market. A little later than we anticipated, of course, our dates were all predictions, still, the event is here not much later than we were expecting.

The Black Market will run from March 3 through March 11, more details will be released in the next few hours, but expect to be two deals, as usual, one at 17:00 CET and the other at 5:00 CET. Word of advice: expect more auctions than in previous years!

We do not have any leaks and confirmations about what is coming, but the video and recent Update 1.12 did leave us some hints of what possibly could be coming to the Black Market. Here’s a break down of what we found:

  • During the first office scene, you can spot a few “secrets”:
    • The video starts with “48 Hours before the Heist”, a reference to the fact the event starts in 48 hours.
    • Golden Dragon on top of the desk is a possible reference to Type 59 Gold;
    • Picture of General Ferdinand Foch hanging in the wall, a reference to AMX 50 Foch (155);
    • The snow globe is a reference to the Christmas tanks and a usual prop you always see in Wargaming videos during that period;
  • One of the characters is seen trying to solve a math problem. If you start solving that equation, you will get will the numbers 215 and 183, these are references to the British FV215b and FV215b (183), both sold during previous Black Market events.
  • The clock shows 09:15 at one point, the Waffenträger auf E 100 was removed from World of Tanks when Update 0.9.15 was released.
  • Three signs can be seen next to some garage doors, two of them can you can clearly read “PZ” and the third one has a crossed reference. These are references to previous vehicles sold:
    • Pz II J, during the first Black Market
    • PZ V/IV, during the first Black Market, of the dealers even asks “Is it the fifth of the fourth?“
    • 76G FT, a reference to the SU-76G FT screw up from last year, where players got the tech tree tank instead of the SU-76i
  • Almost at the end, one of the dealers says “Load up, except the Frenchman, he will have an easy ride”, its a reference to the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), also sold during last year Black Market.
  • The video ends with the main dealer saying “A black car will pick you up”, with a black vehicle in the background, this could also be a reference to the Black Friday vehicles sold during the Black Market in previous years: T34B, IS-6B and Pz 58B, etc.
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Now, the references do not mean these vehicles will be sold during the Black Market, I suspect they are mainly “Easter Eggs” put in the video as references to previous years. Of course, some of these aren’t ruled out completely, the demand is high for some of these vehicles so it’s kinda expected we might see some of them. What is interesting and most probably it will be a deal, is the fact that a vehicle that was only available for the Chinese Region is now introduced with Update 1.12 to all regions: WZ-111 Qilin or WZ-111 QL for short.

The Chinese heavy tank was introduced to the game to all regions and it’s simply a special styled WZ-111 5A. The price tag for the vehicle is 22,500 Gold, meaning it could potentially be one of the deals during the Black Market, but essentially be just a special Tier X vehicle just like the FV215b and FV215b (183).

Another possible deal, but I’m not 100 per cent sure as this could potentially also be a regular sale, is the new E 50 Ausf. M 3D style. The style is specially dedicated to the Black Market event and could potentially be one of the deals during the Black Market. Of course, I’m just speculating, Wargaming could also just sell this quite nice 3D style straight out normally during the whole event.

Last but not least, but yet just me speculating again, is the rare T 22 medium tank. This is a very rare vehicle that has suffered some changes with Update 1.12, meaning it could potentially either be a deal for the Black Market or could be coming to the Bond Shop.

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As always, we can only speculate about the deals and we will have to wait for each deal to come out to see what Wargaming has reserved for us. I believe we can expect some usual suspects and deals, like 3D Styles, regular Premium vehicles for Credits, rarer special vehicles, etc, but don’t expect new vehicles to be sold there, like Object 780, etc.

Make sure the Credits and Gold are ready, set up your alarms, and keep an eye out for any deal that might appeal to you and your “wallet”.

Previous Black Market Deals


Deal 1 M41 90 GF 5,000,000
Deal 2 FCM 36 Pak 40 3,500,000
Deal 3 Type 59G 25,000
Deal 4 Sexton I 500,000
Deal 5 FV215B (183) 23,000,000
Deal 6 WZ-111 Alpine Tiger 10,000
Deal 7 Caernarvon Action X 9,000,000
Deal 8 Panzer IV Hyrdrostat 6,500,000
Deal 9 Panzer II J 15,000
Deal 10 Panzer V/IV 5,500
Deal 11 T34B 8,500,000
Deal 12 T34B 8,500,000
Deal 13 Holiday Ops Styles 3,500 Per Style
Deal 14 IS-6B 8,000
Deal 15 AMX Foch 155 25,000,000
Deal 1 Lansen C 8,500,000
Deal 2 AMX 13 57 GF 7,000
Deal 3 Chrysler K GF 3,000,000 (Auction)
Deal 4 105 LEFH18B2 300
Deal 5 SU-76i 15,000
Deal 6 Caernarvon Action X 5,000 (Auction)
Deal 7 FV215B (183) 22,000,000
Deal 8 Type 59G 20,000 (Auction)
Deal 9 Pz Kpfw 38H 735 9,500
Deal 10 Panzer 58B 3,000,000 (Auction)
Deal 11 x3 Orders Campaign 1,500
Deal 12 Object 261 3D Style 261 (Auction)
Deal 13 Panhard EBR 75 10,000 (Auction)
Deal 14 BT-SV 10,000,000 (Auction)

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  7. Consider purchasing a premium account or premium vehicles to gain more bonuses, such as increased experience and credits earned per battle.
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Remember to always follow the rules and regulations of the game and to play responsibly. Enjoy your time playing World of Tanks!

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