Best WOT bonus code. World of Tanks: Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger Frettchen Style

Register a WOT account and get maximum bonuses

Best WOT bonus code. World of Tanks: Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger Frettchen Style

Why hide in the bushes and behind fallen trees, when instead you can become one with nature and use the camouflage advantages of foliage wherever you go? That’s exactly what the brand-new “Frettchen” style for the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger allows you to do. Hide the German Tier VIII tank destroyer under a layer of branches and surprise your enemies.

Commemorate Germany’s Unity and Freedom with a very special Rhm. Borsig WT “Frettchen” style, making your tank look even more threatening in battle. Check out the price and other details in the Premium Shop.

To open a World of Tanks account and get maximum bonuses, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the World of Tanks website and click on the "Play for Free" button.
  2. Create an account by filling in your email address and choosing a password. You can also sign up using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.
  3. Download and install the game client on your computer. The installation process is straightforward, and the game client will guide you through it.
  4. Once you have installed the game client, log in to your account and start playing the game. You will receive a welcome bonus, which usually includes in-game currency and premium vehicles.
  5. Complete the tutorial missions and play several battles to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and controls.
  6. Participate in various events and missions to earn additional rewards and bonuses. Check the "Events" tab in the game client or the official website for the latest updates on ongoing events and missions.
  7. Consider purchasing a premium account or premium vehicles to gain more bonuses, such as increased experience and credits earned per battle.
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Remember to always follow the rules and regulations of the game and to play responsibly. Enjoy your time playing World of Tanks!

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