Best WOT bonus code. World of Tanks Sandbox: Crew System 2.0 Closed Test Details

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Best WOT bonus code. World of Tanks Sandbox: Crew System 2.0 Closed Test Details

Today some interesting information was leaked about the upcoming Crew System 2.0. The information I’m going to present here today comes from WOT Express blog, and unfortunately, I have no way of confirming the accuracy of the information shared.

While I been working for a while on trying to get some information that I could share, my sources are either “dry” or just don’t want to share anything at the moment due to fears of a purge. Nonetheless, WOT Express seems to have received information from their own insider and shared some interesting details about the new crew system.

For those unaware, Wargaming has announced in December 2020 during their Stream of the Year their plans for 2021 and that included a brand new crew system to replace the current outdated one.

I’m going to break down the information that was shared in the original article, so you will see some of my comments in between in an attempt to explain things a bit better as far my knowledge goes.

According to WOT Express, there has been a closed test of the Crew System 2.0 and it more tests are on the way as Wargaming is concentrating their work on the new system. The preliminary examination of the information received make us concluded that the new system is not clear and the transition won’t be smooth and there were many questions to the usefulness of this approach, as well as the whole Crew 2.0 structure.

The insider asserted and I quote:

I do who came up with this, but as the players correctly pointed out, this is an attempt to remake a system that is still quite OK and works, and in the end, it will be the players who will suffer as always.

There is also a massive attempt to push new things into the game to suck money/time out of the players and impose new worthless and confusing interfaces. The developers are facing a lot of problems due to the new crew system because it interlopes with everything in the game, it’s a complex system already.

When the Sandbox comes out you can expect a sea of bugs and, yes, everything has already been decided regardless of the opinion from players. It won’t matter what you say, they will release it to the live server, as they want and players won’t be able to do anything about it.

Of course, I can not confirm any of the above information, but understanding how Wargaming operates now and has in the past, it does not shock me that this will be the case. World of Tanks Developers have a roadmap set and they won’t change it for anything. The Sandbox Server is an ironic server in my own opinion because it’s like throwing sand into the player’s eyes, “here’s a server you can test things and make the game better”, and 9 out of 10 times, we just get what they planned since the beginning and we are stuck with it. Just look at the SPG changes when Stun was introduced as an example.

I am not saying that all changes are bad, Equipment 2.0 was a good change to the game and very welcomed. The Crew System it’s old, antiquated and it does need some changes, but, it does not need to be a total replacement.

Unfortunately, Wargaming seems they already set their minds on the new system for a long time, as I remember conversations I had with developers in the past at Tankfest 2017, 2018 and even at my visits to Minsk offices, and back then they already had planned a Crew System very similar to the one announced during December Stream of the Year.

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The Crew System is one of the core systems in the game, at its current state it can be a bit confusing for new players. It does need reworking in my opinion, but not to the extension Wargaming wants to. In my modest opinion, all they had to do would be:

  • rework useless skills to new ones that can bring new gameplay features;
  • make all bonus clear so we can see the impact on each vehicle, etc;
  • make the grind less painful and more smooth reducing some levels of insane experience requirements;
  • introduce the one crew member can be trained up to three tanks, for example;
  • make Sixth Sense standard to all Commanders;
  • make crew setup more linear in all tanks;

Of course, that’s my opinion of what I believe it would bring a good change to a system that works but needs some improvements. But things aren’t that simple, Crew System 2.0 seems to be well underway and we are about to see the end of special crew members, like Female Crew Members, Chuck Norris, Santa Claus, etc, with their role will diminish to an “Instructor”, one that just gives a couple of bonuses, making them much less valuable when compared to what we currently have.

Having said all that, WOT Express did share some details about the upcoming system and it hinted we will have a Sandbox Server soon, probably during February or March, so we can test it and… do nothing about it. Here’s what he shared about the new system:

  • Current Crews won’t be automatically converted into the new Crew 2.0. This will be a manual process done by the players by pressing a button “Convert Crew”.
  • Players won’t have to do the conversion, but then all the old perks won’t work except for Sixth Sense.
  • Sixth Sense will default to everyone and will not require skill points.
  • When converting, depending on how many skills each member has, players will receive just one Commander with Levels to progress.
  • There are 75 Levels in total and the same skill points, each level is a point.
  • The conversion rate for the crews is not yet known, developers said that a 5 perk/skill crew member should be enough to get the maximum crew level.
  • The Commander can learn completely new skills (see image above). There are 5 main skills and 2 ultimate skills for each category.
  • The Ultimate skills open after 30 skill points are used in a single category.
  • Each skill can be upgraded up to Level 10.
  • Players can distribute Skill points as they please, for example, one Skill with 10 points, another with just 5, etc.
  • The list of skills shared during the Stream of the Year might change, the final list is not yet known.
  • Resetting progress will still be possible, but no details on how and when you can do it and if it will be for free or some sort of payment needs to be done.
    • Harkonnen Note: Based on the current system and other Wargaming titles, you will most probably still have to pay some Gold to reset the skills, don’t expect it to be free.
  • Players will still be able to change the Commander picture, name, etc.
  • Players will still be able to use Free Experience to level up a Commander and the rate was kept the same: 1 Free XP to 5 Crew XP.
  • It is not known yet how much experience you will need to reach the maximum level, but one of the images suggest that could be 1,190,700 Crew Experience required or 238,140 Free Experience.
  • Crew Books give the same experience as they currently do, no changes were introduced.
  • Up to 4 Instructors can be selected for each Commander.
  • A new Instructor can only be introduced after the Commander reach certain levels: 15, 30, 45 and 65.
  • As a rule, Instructors are unique members of the crew, such as Snow Maidens, Chuck Norris, Buffon, Santa Claus, etc.
  • Instructors will give a bonus to the crew skills that are unique for the selected Instructor. For example, +2 Skill Points to Reapris.
  • Each Instructor will also give a bonus to the Crew experience.
  • Instructors will be divided into 3 classes, the high the class the more skill points and experience they will give.
    • Class 3 will give +2 Skill Points and +10% Crew Experience
    • Class 2 will give +3 Skill Points and +20% Crew Experience
    • Class 1 is still unknown how much bonus it will give.
  • Instructors can be recruited but won’t have the best parameters by default.
  • A Commander can be trained for up to 3 vehicles of a single Class and Nation.
    • Harkonnen Note: As an example, a Commander can be trained to use three German Tank Destroyers, for example, the Jagdpanther, Borsig and Grille 15. If used on any other vehicle of that Nation, it will have penalties as the current system.
  • These slots open once the Commander reaches Level 15 and 45, but can be opened sooner for 750 Gold each.
    • Harkonnen Note: The gold price is not final, it’s just what it was used in the test and are not final.
  • Training the Commander to use tanks selected for these slots will also have a cost, 750 Gold, receiving no penalty, 500,000 Credits with -10% crew experience or for free with -30% crew experience.
    • Harkonnen Note: The prices were again the ones used during the test and are not final.
  • There are no Tier restrictions on the vehicles the Commander is trained for, so for example, a Commander can be trained to use Object 140, K-91 and the T-62A.
    • Harkonnen Note: This is a nice improvement introduced, very useful for those who play Clan Wars for example.
  • One last innovation introduced, depending on the skills, active perks will be shown above the aiming interface, making it easier to understand which skill is working and helping during the battle.
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There is a lot to digest and process, and I’m sure a lot of you will have loads of questions and similar to the ones I have. I hope these will be answered during the Sandbox Server for Crew 2.0, but it would be nice to have some of them now. Here’s what worries me the most:

  1. What will happen to the other crew members? If a Crew is converted into the new system, only the Commander will actually be converted, the others we have no idea what will happen to them. This is a very worrying situation for those who have vehicles with a full crew made of Snow Maidens, or Female Crew Members earned in the Vehicle Campaigns.
  2. What will happen to unique Commanders? If they are just going to be Instructors, that makes all the Commanders just a regular Crew of any given nation.
  3. What Skills each Instructor influence? Will players be able to select these skills or are they pre-fixed? This is particularly worrying if either all influence the same ones, or fixed ones, because on both cases it can render these Instructors useless if they don’t fit the crew build we are trying to achieve. If we are able to select these skills, then the value of Instructors will go up a bit.
  4. How will the conversion rate be and work for small/large crews of different vehicles? Again, this is worrying because we have tanks with 2 Crew Members and others with 6 Crew Members. If we convert a 2 man crew into the new system, even if they have 5 Skills each, will it be converted into a Level 70 Commander?
  5. What will happen to Crew Skins? Currently, we can use them on any Crew Member, except for some Commander unique ones, with the new system, we only need to re-skin the Commander.
  6. How will Crew Books influence the Commander? Currently, the maximum we can get from a single Crew Book is 850,000 experience, but this is for a single crew member. Will we be able to just use them on the Commander and get it to the respective level? Or will we still have to use them on individual members?
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What about you, what worries you the most with the introduction of Crew 2.0? Let us know your questions and worries in the comment section.

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